Red Currant: the Goldilocks berry

Red currants have been popular in Europe for time immemorial. You’ve no doubt seen the jewel-like fruits featured in recipes for jams, tarts, and pies if you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off (and don’t be embarrassed if you are – it’s one of the top ten most-streamed shows in America). The berries are also great in cocktails, and they’re a popular addition to many Europeans liquors and ales. That’s because the red currant is a perfect balance of sweet and sour, snappy and subtle, dry and juicy

Cranberry: an American with global appeal

Though cranberries were relegated to Thanksgiving dinner and muffins for a while, today, they’ve gained international appreciation, and sales have skyrocketed in Europe and China. But how do cranberries fare when they mix and mingle with hops and yeast?

Pumpkin: the flavor of comfort

From lattes to, yes, dog food, the craving for pumpkin flavoring reaches a frenzied peak as the summertime cools off and the hint of holidays ahead abound. Brewers, too, get in on the excitement, and for good reason. A beer with a rich pumpkin pureé in the mix is the go-to brew

Mangos: the fruit with fans

This juicy, voluptuous fruit enjoys cult status for its low bitterness, creamy texture, and sweet, succulent pulp.

How a Pittsburgh brewer uses pineapple for a fresh take on sour

At Purée Arete, quality is everything. We carefully source our fruit to make the purest, freshest purées from ripe, high-quality produce to be used by chefs, brewers, and other craftsmen in the food and beverage scene. For Dave Hallam, co-owner and head brewer of Abjuration Brewery in Pennsylvania, Purée Arete offers unparalleled quality.