All-Natural Appeal and Consistent Quality:

Why Aseptic Puree and Microdried Fruit are Perfect for Your Gummy Products

The gummy market is booming, driven by consumer demand for tastier, all-natural, and functional treats. For manufacturers looking to elevate their CBD gummies and other gummy products, Puree Arete’s aseptic fruit purees and microdried fruits offer a unique solution.

Aseptic Puree: Fresh Flavor Without Compromise

  • Superior Taste:

    Puree Arete’s aseptic purees are made from fresh, never frozen fruit, capturing the fruit’s natural sweetness and intense flavor. This delivers a delicious taste experience that shines through in your gummies, surpassing the often-artificial flavors of traditional candy.

  • Clean Label Appeal:

    Consumers are increasingly interested in clean-label ingredients. Aseptic purees are 100% natural with no added sugar, colors, or preservatives. This aligns perfectly with the growing demand for transparency and quality in candy ingredients.

  • Year-Round Consistency:

    Aseptic processing ensures consistent quality and flavor throughout the year. This is especially important for manufacturers who need a reliable supply of fruit puree, regardless of seasonal variations.

Microdried Fruit: Bursting with Flavor and Functionality

  • Intense Fruit Experience:

    Microdried fruit from Puree Arete packs a powerful punch of fruit flavor. The gentle drying process concentrates the fruit’s natural sugars and taste, delivering an intense burst of flavor in every gummy

  • Functional Benefits:

    Microdried fruit adds a welcome textural contrast to gummies and can be a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, depending on the fruit used. This caters to the growing trend of functional foods that combine taste with health benefits.

  • Visually Appealing Inclusions:

    Microdried fruit pieces add a vibrant pop of color and visual interest to your gummies. This can enhance the overall appeal of your product and grab attention on store shelves.

Puree Arete:

Your Partner in Gummy Innovation

Puree Arete offers a wide variety of aseptic fruit purees and microdried fruits, allowing you to create unique and delicious gummy flavor combinations. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes them a valuable partner for manufacturers looking to take their gummy products to the next level.

Additional Considerations

  • Because aseptic purees are shelf-stable, they offer greater flexibility in manufacturing and storage compared to fresh fruit.
  • Microdried fruit can also be used as a natural sweetener in gummies, reducing the need for added sugar.

By incorporating Puree Arete’s aseptic fruit purees and microdried fruits, manufacturers can create CBD gummies and other gummy products that are not only delicious but also meet consumer demand for clean, natural, and functional ingredients.

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