Uncork Summer Flavors: Brewing with Puree Arete’s White Peach Puree

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Summer is synonymous with sunshine, warm breezes, and of course, refreshing flavors. For craft brewers, it’s a prime time to experiment with seasonal ingredients that tantalize taste buds and create unique, thirst-quenching beers. Here at Puree Arete, we’re raising a glass to the versatility of our White Peach Puree, a brewer’s secret weapon for creating summery sensations in your next batch.

Capturing the Essence of Summer

Our White Peach Puree is crafted from hand-picked, sun-ripened peaches at their peak of flavor. Unlike fresh fruit, which can be inconsistent and require additional processing, our aseptic puree guarantees a consistent, concentrated taste profile year-round. Packed with the delicate sweetness and subtle floral notes of white peaches, it adds a touch of summer magic to a wide range of beer styles.

Beyond the Wheat Field: How Brewers Can Utilize White Peach Puree

The beauty of White Peach Puree lies in its adaptability. Here are some inspirational ways to incorporate it into your brewing process:

  • Fruited Wheat Beers:

    Wheat beers are a natural canvas for showcasing the refreshing qualities of white peaches. Adding puree during secondary fermentation allows the subtle sweetness and floral notes to complement the style’s characteristic tartness and biscuity malt character.

  • Saison Variations:

    Saison’s light body and peppery spice profile pair beautifully with the delicate sweetness of white peaches. Experiment with late additions of puree to create a unique summer saison with a hint of stone fruit.

  • Fruited Sours:

    Sours offer a playground for adventurous brewers. White Peach Puree can be used to create a Berliner Weisse with a refreshing peach twist, or add a touch of sweetness and complexity to a Gose.

  • Fruited IPAs:

    For hop-forward IPAs, White Peach Puree can be used judiciously to create a juicy, fruit-forward contrast to the assertive bitterness. Consider late additions or dry hopping with peach extracts to achieve a subtle yet intriguing result.

Beyond Flavor: The Benefits of Using Puree

Puree Arete’s White Peach Puree offers several advantages over using fresh fruit:

  • Consistency:

    Our aseptic puree guarantees a consistent flavor profile, ensuring batch-to-batch quality.

  • Convenience:

    Pre-puréed fruit saves time and eliminates the hassle of peeling, pitting, and processing fresh peaches.

  • Year-Round Availability:

    Enjoy the taste of summer peaches any time of year.

  • Controlled Sweetness:

    The concentrated nature of puree allows for precise control over the final sweetness of your beer.

Unleash Your Inner Alchemist

White Peach Puree is just one of the many high-quality fruit purees offered by Puree Arete. With a little creativity and our range of options, you can craft unique and flavorful beers that will keep your customers coming back for more. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the possibilities of summer with Puree Arete’s White Peach Puree. Cheers!

No sugar is added to Pureé Arête purees and concentrates for beverage manufacturers.

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