Fruit purees: a brewer’s secret weapon for innovation

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What are the benefits of exploring less conventional fruits for brewers?

Market research shows health-conscious consumers are driving an increase in the global fruit beer market. Modern drinkers prefer beverages that are beneficial for the body, like low-alcohol fruit beers.

The key to standing out in the market is zigging when others zag. That makes 100% fresh, ripe fruit purees a brewer’s secret weapon in creating innovative, flavorful, and appealing drinks. In a market where popular choices like raspberry, grapefruit, and mango dominate, brewers have a unique opportunity to explore less conventional fruits and stake a claim in new flavor territory.


Attract adventurous consumers looking for something different.

By swapping out familiar standards like red raspberry with novel (and equally healthy) black currant or replacing grapefruit with guava, brewers can differentiate their products in a competitive market.

Corner the market with your signature flavor.

Less conventional fruits offer brewers a rare chance to develop signature flavor profiles that can become closely associated with their brand. A delicate Prickly Pear and Red Currant Kolsch or a decadent Guava Coconut Cream Ale could establish a brewer’s reputation for creative innovation.

Respond to consumer curiosity.

Research shows consumers are interested in trying exotic, new flavors. Brewers who cater to this curiosity can build a loyal customer base that’s eager to try their latest creations. While the perennial popularity of a Raspberry Lambic or a Mango IPA is undeniable, there’s immense potential in exploring less familiar flavor profiles, like an Oak-Aged Black Currant Ale or a Salted Guava Gose.

Experiment with some of these flavor combinations for a memorable brew.

Zig: Red Raspberry – Zag: Black Currant

Dominating the market with its exceptional nutritional benefits, raspberry fruit beers continue to grow in popularity. Black currants have a higher vitamin C content and more anthocyanins than red raspberries, and offer a rich, earthy flavor to traditional lambics and modern sour ales. Try these flavor combinations:

  • The acidity and brightness of citrus complements the tartness of black currant, ideal for a SUMMER ALE or a BELGIAN-STYLE WITBIER.
  • In a STOUT or PORTER, the combination of black currant’s tartness with the smooth, sweet notes of vanilla creates a rich, dessert-like beer.
  • In a WINTER SEASONAL ALE, the warming spice of cinnamon paired with black currant evokes festive flavors.

Zig: Grapefruit – Zag: Guava

A perennial favorite for adventurous citrus lovers, Grapefruit Radlers and IPAs continue to entice fruited beer lovers, especially during the summer months. Like grapefruit, guava offers a unique, healthy flavor profile that ranges from sweet to tart, but with a mellow, tropical twist. Try these flavor combinations:

  • In an IPA or a blonde ale, pineapple complements guava’s sweetness with its tart and tropical notes.
  • Pairing guava with mango in a tropical IPA or pale ale enhances the beer’s fruitiness, creating a rich, juicy, and tropical character.
  • In a sour ale or wheat beer, combining guava with hibiscus creates a floral, fruity, and visually appealing pink-hued beer.

Zig: Mango – Zag: Prickly Pear

Who doesn’t love mango? We love it so much, we offer two varieties. But if you want to switch it out, try prickly pear in craft brews for a sweet, watermelon-like taste with hints of bubblegum and cucumber. Prickly pear is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and research has shown it has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Try these flavor combinations:

  • The spicy and sharp flavor of ginger contrast nicely with the sweetness of prickly pear, ideal for a saison.
  • For a bold and adventurous IPA, pair the heat from chili peppers with the sweet notes of prickly pear.
  • For a more adventurous approach, contrast sweet prickly pear with the depth of smoked malts in a smoked ale or rauchbier.

You’re crafting an experience when you brew

Your fans want to be delighted by something different and delightful, something uniquely you. Our all-natural fruit purees give you a world of unique flavors to play with, and they align with the growing consumer demand for healthy, authentic, high-quality beverages. When you brew with Puree Arete, you’re catering to health-conscious consumers and also attracting a broader audience seeking new taste experiences.

No sugar is added to Pureé Arête purees and concentrates for beverage manufacturers.

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