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a brewer's guide to delicious fruit puree pairings
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In the vibrant world of craft brewing, the pursuit of innovative, enticing flavors has naturally led brewers to experiment with fruit purees. Dabbling in fruit beers isn’t just about adding a twist to the traditional though; it’s about creating a whole new flavor experience for beer drinkers. At Puree Arête, we understand the magic that fruit purees bring to the table. This guide is designed to inspire and inform brewers on how to best harness the potential of our diverse fruit puree offerings to create beers that promise to please the palate.

The Essence of Fruit in Brewing

Before diving into the pairings, it’s crucial to understand why fruit purees are a game-changer in brewing. Purees offer a consistency and intensity of flavor that whole fruits cannot match. They also simplify the brewing process by eliminating the need for fruit preparation – no more peeling, pitting, or mashing. Plus, with Puree Arête’s commitment to natural, high-quality ingredients without artificial additives, colors, or preservatives, brewers can focus on flavor, knowing their beer contains just the best fruit and nothing else.

Delicious pairings for craft brewers, from red to violet.

cherry bowl

Red: Cherry Puree

Beer Styles:
Belgian Dubbels, Wheat Beers

Tasting Notes:
Cherry puree offers a deep, tart flavor with a hint of sweetness, ideal for complementing the complex maltiness of Belgian dubbels or adding depth to the brightness of wheat beers.

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Orange: Apricot Puree

Beer Styles:
Wheat Ales, Saisons

Tasting Notes:
Apricot puree adds a sweet, tart profile with a hint of tanginess, complementing the light and spicy characteristics of wheat ales and saisons. Its subtle stone fruit notes can enhance the beer’s aroma and add a soft, refreshing finish.

Photo of Mango

Yellow: Mango Puree

Beer Styles:
IPAs, Pale Ales

Tasting Notes:
Mango puree can elevate the tropical hop character of IPAs and pale ales with its lush, sweet, and juicy profile, enhancing the overall tropical experience without overpowering the hop bitterness.


Green: Lime Puree

Beer Styles:
Gose, Berliner Weisse

Tasting Notes:
Lime puree brings a zesty, citrusy brightness that can cut through and elevate the salty-sour profile of Goses or add a refreshing twist to the tartness of Berliner Weisse.

blueberry puree for brewing

Blue: Blueberry Puree

Beer Styles:
Blonde Ales, Sour Ales

Tasting Notes:
Blueberry’s unique balance of sweetness and tartness can accentuate the crisp, light flavors of blonde ales or introduce a fruity dimension to sour ales, creating a delightful contrast to their tart base.


Indigo: Blackberry Puree

Beer Styles:
Porters, Stouts

Tasting Notes:
The rich, earthy flavors of blackberry puree work wonders with the robust, dark malts of porters and stouts. This pairing introduces a layer of complexity, bringing forward a balance of sweetness and acidity that cuts through the bitterness.

Violet: Dragon Fruit Puree

Beer Styles:
Sours, Wheat Beers, IPA

Tasting Notes:
Dragon fruit puree, with its unique, mild sweetness and intriguing hint of earthiness, offers a subtle yet distinctive flavor profile that complements the tartness of sour beers, the lightness of wheat beers, and even the hoppy character of IPAs.

Mastering the Art of Pairing

  • Balancing Flavors:

    The key to successful fruit beer is finding harmony between the fruit puree and the base beer. Consider the dominant flavors of the beer and how the chosen puree can complement or enhance those notes.

  • Fermentation Considerations:

    Adding fruit purees at different stages of fermentation can yield varying results. Experiment with timing to achieve the desired balance of fruit flavor and fermentation complexity.

  • Creativity and Experimentation:

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with unconventional pairings or blend different purees. The beauty of craft brewing lies in its endless possibilities and the joy of discovery.

The world of fruit beer brewing is ripe with potential. By selecting high-quality, natural fruit purees and applying thoughtful consideration to flavor balance and fermentation techniques, your can unlock a spectrum of taste experiences. Whether seeking to complement the maltiness of a stout with the tartness of blackberry or to brighten a sour ale with the sweet notes of peach, the key lies in the artful marriage of flavors and Puree Arête 100% fruit purees.

No sugar is added to Pureé Arête purees and concentrates for beverage manufacturers.

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