5 perfect fruit purees for the beer-drinkingest states

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Which fruit purees pair best with each state’s beer scene?

In a January 2023 post, Joshua Bartlett, founder, owner, and editor at Learning To Homebrew, compiled a list of the “top thirstiest states in America,” taking into account factors such as population density, per capita beer consumption, barrel production, revenue, and the number of breweries.

We’ve taken that a step further, asking: which fruit purees might please the beer drinkers in each state most? To aid our research, we turned to Google search trends and a representative brewery from each state.

Continue reading to learn the fruits we recommend brewers in each of the top five states experiment with to reach the widest local market.


With 92 active breweries, Montana takes the title of the state where the most beer is consumed. Based on our investigation of Google trends in Montana, brewers who want to entice local connoisseurs with fruited beers should experiment with blueberries. Look to Blue Sky Blueberry Blonde Ale by Muddy Creek Brewing Company in Butte, Montana for inspiration.


New Hampshire

Despite its smaller population, New Hampshire has 91 breweries and comes in second when it comes to annual chugalug. Based on Google search trends in the state, citrus-flavored beers could be a popular choice. New Hampshire’s favorite brewery Schilling Beer Co. tested this theory with its German-inspired Leipziger-style Gose Poppy’s Moonship on Lemon and Blueberries.

blood orange

North Dakota

Though North Dakota has only 22 active breweries, it’s the third runner up for beer drinkingest state. Drekker Brewing Company out of Fargo, ND must have been reviewing Google trends when they came up with their Braaaaaaaains Double Fruit Smoothie, brewed with mango, a very popular search term in the northern state, and prickly pear.

Prickly Pear

South Dakota

While South Dakota has only 33 active breweries currently, it boasts fourth place in terms of of beer consumed per capita. Like their neighbors up north, South Dakotans’ Google searches reveal a passion for more tropical climates. Pineapple is at the top of the list of fruit searches in this state, and Remedy Brewing Company of Sioux Falls, SD capitalized on this longing for sunnier seasons with their Piña Colada Kickball Sour Ale, infused with pineapple and coconut.



Maine has a population of around 1.3 million and around 133 active breweries while coming in fifth in terms of beer consumption per capita. In terms of fruit searches, Maine continues the trend of chilly northern inhabitants with tropical paradise on their mind. In this case, it’s guava, and Maine Beer Company out of Freeport offers up its Another One IPA as a model that infuses aromas of pineapple, mango, and guava with notes of orange, grapefruit, and melon to bring the tropics up north year round.

grapefruit beer

Experiment with our award-winning fruit puree today to capture the beer-drinkingest states.

If you’re a brewer looking to expand your market, look no further than the thirstiest states in America. By experimenting with the fruit flavors that we’ve recommended for each state, you can capture the taste buds of local beer drinkers and establish a loyal following. Our research, based on Google search trends and the breweries in each state, has uncovered the most popular fruit flavors in Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Maine, but Pureé Arête fruit purees are perfect for any state.

No sugar is added to Pureé Arête purees and concentrates for beverage manufacturers.

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