Prickly pear is taking on the beverage alcohol market

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Prickly pears: a hot pink fruit with a sweet, fruity flavor.

Prickly pears, also known as cactus pears, take their name from the pear-like shape and size of the edible fruit of the nopales cactus. The prickly pear has a fragrant fresh melon aroma and a sweet, fruity flavor, making it a perfect ingredient in refreshing cocktails and fruited beers. Though the cactus is native to the United States, Mexico, and South America, in recent years, its hot pink, paddle-shaped fruit has gained global popularity. Market research conducted in 2021 showed a 60% increase in new prickly pear product introductions internationally.

Prickly pears are showing up in a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

Also known as cactus figs for its luscious mouthfeel, prickly pears offer a sweet, bright flavor that some people compare with watermelon. Its flavor profile makes it especially popular in the alcoholic beverage category, where it takes center stage ready-to-drink prickly pear coolers, prickly pear martinis, margaritas, and even sangria. It’s also shown up in craft brews like the refreshingly tart and tropical Synopsis Prickly Pear by Two Roads Brewing Company as well as in commercial brands like Michelob Ultra Infusions Lime & Prickly Pear Cactus Beer.

What pairs well with prickly pears?

Beverage manufacturers have successfully paired prickly pear with tropical fruits like mango as well as lime, orange, and other citrus fruits. However, bold brewers and distillers have also dabbled in more daring combinations like prickly pear and green tea or prickly pear and red currant. Thought the cactus may be prickly, the cactus pear is friendly enough to form flavor alliances with just about any other fruit, from strawberries to dragon fruit.

Prickly pears cater to the “better for you” alcohol trend.

Things are changing in the world of alcoholic beverages. Many consumers are reducing their alcohol intake, and when they do drink, studies show they try to “select the healthiest alcohol option.” That makes high-quality ingredients with added health benefits enticing to alcohol drinkers. Prickly pears tick all the right boxes for health conscious drinkers. They’re rich in fiber and contain immune-boosting antioxidant compounds. Early research shows they can help with weight loss and blood sugar management, among other benefits.

Try prickly pear puree as a flavor base in ready-to-drink cocktails and refreshing ales for health-conscious consumers.

At Pureé Arête, we select the freshest, juiciest prickly pears cultivated by the most discerning growers to deliver a carefully crafted fruit puree for quality-minded brewers, distillers, and ready-to-drink cocktail manufacturers. Our purée infuses tropical IPAs, margaritas, and other specialty beverage alcohols with real prickly pear flavor, and our rigorous standards ensure that each batch is consistent.

No sugar is added to Pureé Arête purees and concentrates for beverage manufacturers.

In other words, our prickly pear purée is 100% prickly pear and nothing else. It’s available year-round and comes in a variety of packaging sizes to best suit your needs. Read more about our prickly pear purée here.

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