Unleash Peak Flavor in Your Spirits:

Why MicroDried Fruits Are a Distiller’s Dream

Distillers are artisans, constantly striving to create unique and flavorful spirits. But sourcing high-quality fruit ingredients can be a challenge. Traditional options often come with drawbacks: inconsistent availability, short shelf life, and the added hassle of prepping fresh fruit.

Our MicroDried Fruits are the secret ingredient to your success.

Here’s where Purée Arête MicroDried fruits come in. These aren’t your average dried fruits. Our innovative MicroDried® process transforms fresh fruits into a concentrated powder bursting with flavor and possibility.

Why MicroDried Fruits Are Perfect for Distilleries:

  • Unmatched Efficiency:

    One pound of MicroDried fruit packs the equivalent punch of nearly 9 pounds of whole fruit! This translates to significant savings on ingredients and reduced waste.

  • Ready-to-Use:

    MicroDried fruits are shelf-stable and require no prep work. Simply add them directly to your mash or infusion process, hot or cold, for consistent flavor every time.

  • Pure, Natural Goodness:

    Our drying method preserves all the vital nutrients and natural flavors of the fruit, ensuring your spirits boast authentic fruit character.

  • Extended Shelf Life:

    The low moisture content of MicroDried fruits means they have a significantly longer shelf life than fresh or frozen fruits, reducing spoilage and waste.

  • Clean Label Ingredients:

    No preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, or colors – just pure fruit goodness for your discerning customers.

A World of Flavor at Your Fingertips:

Purée Arête offers a variety of enticing MicroDried fruit options, from classic favorites like blackberry and blueberry to more adventurous choices like mango and grapefruit. Looking for something unique? We also offer custom blends to perfectly match your vision.

Elevate your beverage creations with the true essence of raspberries captured in our MicroDried® Raspberry Powder. No more mess or fuss—just the real deal, packed with all the benefits of nature's finest fruit for richer flavor, more vibrant color, and the nutritional content that health conscious consumers look for.   Seamlessly integrate our meticulously formulated powders at any stage of your process, yielding exceptional results while allowing your creativity to flourish.   Whether you're crafting brews, ciders, distillations, or seltzers, our raspberry powder enhances every sip. With only one ingredient—raspberries—you can enjoy the pure delight of ripe, sweet raspberries without any unwanted aftertastes. Our MicroDried® Raspberries are a testament to innovation, crafted using our proprietary REV (Radiant Energy Vacuum) dehydration technology.   Choose from our convenient pack sizes of 4 ½ lb. bags or 40 lb. boxes and relish a shelf life of two years under recommended storage conditions. Experience the epitome of raspberry perfection, where quality and flavor unite—proudly crafted in the USA.
Experience the essence of rich, ripe blackberries in every sip with our MicroDried® Blackberry Powder. Crafted from only the finest fruit, it embodies the berry’s tantalizing balance of sweet and tart notes, enhancing your creations with a distinctive flavor profile that only nature can provide.
We have searched the globe for the best lemon. The reward is a perfectly balanced powder that will tell the story, bursting with flavor without bitterness.
We source the best strawberries to bring you this outstanding strawberry powder. The reward is the most intense strawberry flavor possible.

Elevate Your Spirits with Purée Arête MicroDried Fruits:

Take your distilling game to the next level with the convenience, consistency, and exceptional flavor of Purée Arête MicroDried fruits. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you craft unforgettable spirits.