Raspberry Powder


Elevate your beverage creations with the true essence of raspberries captured in our MicroDried® Raspberry Powder. No more mess or fuss—just the real deal, packed with all the benefits of nature’s finest fruit for richer flavor, more vibrant color, and the nutritional content that health conscious consumers look for.


Seamlessly integrate our meticulously formulated powders at any stage of your process, yielding exceptional results while allowing your creativity to flourish.


Whether you’re crafting brews, ciders, distillations, or seltzers, our raspberry powder enhances every sip. With only one ingredient—raspberries—you can enjoy the pure delight of ripe, sweet raspberries without any unwanted aftertastes. Our MicroDried® Raspberries are a testament to innovation, crafted using our proprietary REV (Radiant Energy Vacuum) dehydration technology.


Choose from our convenient pack sizes of 4 ½ lb. bags or 40 lb. boxes and relish a shelf life of two years under recommended storage conditions. Experience the epitome of raspberry perfection, where quality and flavor unite—proudly crafted in the USA.

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We source the best raspberries possible, to bring you this outstanding red raspberry powder. The reward is the most intense raspberry flavor possible.


Ingredients: Raspberries
Allergens: None
Color: Strong dark red
Flavor: The taste of ripe sweet raspberries, with no after notes

MicroDried®  Raspberries are produced using proprietary REV (Radiant Energy Vacuum) dehydration technology.

4 ½ lb. bag
40 lb. box

Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of pack, under recommended storage conditions.
Storage Conditions:  Less than 70° F.

Product of the USA

Raspberry   per 100g

Nutrients                                                    Per 100g

Calories                                                                       371.59 Cal
Carbohydrates                                                                82.31 g
Total Sugars                                                                    39.14 g
Fructose                                                                           17.49 g
Dextrose                                                                          13.37 g
Lactose                                                                            < 0.10 g
Maltose                                                                           < 0.10 g
Added Sugar                                                                           0 g
Cholesterol                                                                       < 1 mg
Total Fat                                                                             1.55 g
Saturated Fat                                                                     0.37 g
Monounsaturated Fat                                                      0.33 g
Total Dietary Fiber                                                            9.99 g
Protein                                                                                 7.10 g
Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)                                             < 45 IU
Vitamin C                                                                          181 mg
Calcium                                                                        142.12 mg
Vitamin D                                                                         < 1 mcg
Iron                                                                                   4.71 mg
Sodium                                                                           16.13 mg
Potassium ICP (ppm)                                                 936.96 mg
Ash                                                                                         2.77 g


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4 ½ lb., 40 lb.