Pumpkin: the flavor of comfort

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Pumpkin: the flavor of comfort

During the fall, nearly 7 in 10 Americans have one to three pumpkin spice products per week, according to a survey by Spice Islands.

From lattes to, yes, dog food, the craving for pumpkin flavoring reaches a frenzied peak as the summertime cools off and the hint of holidays ahead abound.

Brewers, too, get in on the excitement, and for good reason. A beer with a rich pumpkin pureé in the mix is the go-to brew in October, but historical data from the Brewers Association shows that the interest in the “seasonal” flavor actually begins to climb as early as July.

What does pumpkin pureé add to beer?

Seasonal appeal

Pumpkin is a familiar symbol of the harvest season and nostalgic holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. As such, it just gives consumers all the good feelings.

Food scientist Kantha Shelke told CNBC that a desire for comfort drives the pumpkin spice craze, while St. Catherine University dietician Megan Baumler puts it this way in an interview with CBS,

“It’s hard to say goodbye to summer. But, if we can latch onto something, it makes it easier to transition.”


Food Business News recently reported on 2021 flavor trends, and and comforting flavors a la pumpkin spice are winners this year. Given the austerity and anxiety that ruled consumers’ lives during 2020, the news should come as no surprise.

Likewise, flavors that denote healthy living, another category that pumpkin easily takes top billing in. Pair it with unexpected flavors like immune-boosting cranberry and apple, and you’ve got a brew that is all around wholesome.

Finally, in what may come as a bit of surprise, flavors are also trending towards the global, so infusing a pumpkin brew with international flavors like cayenne and ginger can pretty much capture the trifecta of 2021 flavor nirvana.

In recent years, craft brewers have had great success combining pumpkin pureé with Perle, Vanguard, Saphir, and Liberty hops, to name just a few, as well as Caramel and Black Malts, Two-Row Pale, and Belgian Aromatic.

Mouthfeel and body

A superior pumpkin pureé offers a rich, bright mouthfeel, and it’s as at home in spicy pale ale as it is in a moody maple stout.

Pureé Arête: the pureé that makes pumpkin pop

At Pureé Arête, we develop pureés that capture the essence of a fruit, and our pumpkin pureé is no exception. Brewers planning the perfect pumpkin beer to ease customers into the fall season will find a taste of home, happiness, and the holidays in our natural pureé made from the highest-quality fruits.

  • No sugar added.
  • Custom blends available.
  • All natural.

Contact us to learn more about our fruit pureés and concentrates for brewers.

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