Cranberry: an American with global appeal

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Indigenous Americans harvested cranberries and used them as food, medicine, and dye for centuries before the arrival of European settlers.

Colonists adapted the new-to-them berry to make a sweet-tart sauce that accompanied every meal.

Though cranberries were relegated to Thanksgiving dinner and muffins for a while, today, they’ve gained international appreciation, and sales have skyrocketed in Europe and China.

But how do cranberries fare when they mix and mingle with hops and yeast?

What does cranberry pureé add to beer?


It’s true that the cranberry is now permanently linked with Thanksgiving, which makes it a natural fall beer.

However, cranberry’s refreshing zest makes it a logical choice for thirst-quencher in the summertime.

Pair it with cinnamon and cardamom, you’ve got harvest season in a bottle. Pair it with orange and lemon, and you’ve got the perfect drink for a hot July day. Add it to a radler or wheat, you’ve got a beachside beverage. Add it to a gose or saison, and you’ll have an ideal fireside libation.

In other words, this is a highly versatile berry pureé.


Cranberry pureé bridges summer and winter beers because it pairs so well with so many diverse flavors. It has a tart, fruity flavor that complements sweeter fruits like blackberries, raspberries, and black plums. However, that same tartness enhances the bitterness of Opal, El Dorado, and other bittering hops. The crisp, earthy flavor of cranberries also pairs well with grassy and woody hop flavors like English Pale Ale and Belgian IPA.


The bold, rich red of cranberry infuses beers with a rosy glow while the berry pureé lends a crisp, clean, often assertive mouthfeel and a delicate, effervescent body.

Pureé Arête: the pureé with global appeal

At Pureé Arête, we develop pureés that capture the essence of a fruit, and our cranberry pureé is no exception. Brewers planning the perfect cranberry beer to take customers from summer to fall will find our natural pureé to be a versatile, high-quality addition.

  • No sugar added.
  • Custom blends available.
  • All natural.

Contact us to learn more about our fruit pureés and concentrates for brewers.

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