All Natural Aseptic Fruit Purees

All Natural Fruit Puree

Purée Arête – All Natural Fruit Flavor – Start with juicier, richer fruit purées to craft brews, cocktails, and dairy desserts that make mouths water.

Purée Arête is the only domestically produced line of fruit purées created with a true European influence.

Why do brewers, beverage manufacturers, and ice cream companies committed to high-quality ingredients and unforgettable flavors choose our fruit purées? To start with, they’re crafted under the guidance of renowned Austrian chef Wolfgang Brandl for a true European decadence. But a sumptuous fruit flavor isn’t the only thing our purées have going for them.

All Natural Fruit Puree

All Natural Ingredients

Whether you need pineapple purée for a new brew, dragon fruit for a ready-to-drink cocktail, or mango for a creamy gelato, our purées offer 100% real fruit flavor.

No Sugar Added

No Added Sugar

Despite the juicy sweetness of our purées, there’s no sugar added. We want the rich, natural flavor of fresh fruits in our blends and nothing else. Don’t you?

Fruit Puree made in the USA

High Safety Standards

Our Hudson Valley manufacturing facility has earned the highest level of Safe Quality Food certification, and we use aseptic processing for unparalleled safety.

Choose from an eclectic array of flavors or customize your own.

Purée Areté purées are crafted from the highest quality fruits from around the world, including classic favorites like sweet cherry and exotic fruits like prickly pear. If you’ve got something special in mind, we can customize a blend for your craft brews, sauces, drizzles, glazes, gelatos, sorbets, yogurts, syrups, or any other dish or dessert. Get in touch and let us know exactly what you need.


Brewers and RTD cocktail manufacturers infuse beverages with more flavor.

Whether you’re brewing kettle sours or distilling canned cocktails, Purée Areté’s award-winning fruit purées bring real fruit flavor for a juicy, thirst-quenching pour.

Dairy dessert manufacturers craft richer, more intense gelatos, sorbets, and ice creams.

Small batch ice cream, sorbet, and gelato brands intensify the flavor and luxury of dairy desserts with our all-natural ingredients and rich fruit purées.

We use aseptic processing to ensure our purées meet the highest safety standards.

By using aseptic processing, we eliminate potentially harmful microbes, ensuring our fruit pureés are always shelf-stable and safe for consumption. Our aseptic processing offers other advantages to brewers, dairy manufacturers, and bakeries.

Superior Flavor

Aseptic purées are 100% fruit with no preservatives added, so foods and beverages made with aseptic fruit purée have a more dynamic flavor.

Easier Storage

Aseptically processed fruit purées don’t require refrigeration, so you can store your fruit purée at room temperature until you need it.

Affordable Shipping

Aseptic fruit purée requires no cold chain, which makes shipping more affordable, a distinct advantage when supply chains are disrupted.

Our higher Brix fruit purées are better for your budget.

Brewers and distillers use less purée in their product if the purée used is made from premium, ripe, high-Brix fruits like ours. Our selection of high-quality purées made from fresh, ripe fruits will reduce your purée budget because a better purée has more concentrated sweetness and flavor.

We searched the tropics to source the highest quality pineapple. We find the perfect fruits and deliver a pineapple purée beyond compare. Enjoy the fruits of our travels.
Pineapple Puree
Our watermelon puree is prepared from ripened, sorted, and peeled watermelons to give you the freshest puree possible. The reward is the sweetest watermelon flavor.
400 lb. Drums available upon Request.  
Watermelon Puree
We are using Alphonso mangos in our puree; the best and purest mango from India with no stringiness. Taste the difference and you will never use another mango purée.
Alphonso Mango Puree
We source the best domestic raspberries possible. We use local products when available, to bring you this outstanding red raspberry purée. The reward is the most intense raspberry flavor possible.
Raspberry Puree

Purée Arête – All Natural Fruit Flavor

Start with juicier, richer fruit purées to craft brews, cocktails, and dairy desserts that make mouths water.