(/ ar-a-tay /; Greek: ρετη)


about purée arête
Pureé Arête is the only domestically produced line of fruit purées created with a true European influence.
Based in the heart of the Hudson Valley region of New York, and with the guidance of our Austrian Chef, Wolfgang Brandl, we are able to deliver the highest possible quality fruit purées that will meet the uppermost standards of the top European and American Chefs!
Manufactured in our SQF, Level 3 facility, Purée Areté is the perfect ingredient for any dish or dessert, including: craft brews, sauces, drizzles, glazes, gelatos, sorbets, yogurts, syrups and all your baking needs!
Our Black Currant Puree is made with the ripest black currant berries. Black currant puree is tart, and very nutritional.
Black Currant
Contact for Availability prior to ordering (518) 719-3050. Our Cranberry puree takes us to the northeast, where the cold winters and warm summers are the perfect climate to produce the berries we are looking for. The color and flavor that come out this cold climate is hard to match. Taste this exquisitely balanced puree and you will understand why we are so proud of it.

Our Concord Grape Puree is made with the ripest concord grapes. No additives

Concorde Grape

Our Red Currant Puree is made with the ripest red currant berries. Red currant puree, like our Black Currant Puree is tart, and very nutritional.

Red Currant