Pomegranate: The Fruit Puree You Can’t Resist

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While the apple was traditionally considered to be the infamous fruit from the Garden of Eden, modern scholars suggest the pomegranate is a more likely candidate. The pomegranate tree is indigenous to the Middle East, and it has been cultivated in the area for millennia. Pomegranate was also the fruit that Persephone couldn’t turn down while she was hanging out in the Underworld with Hades.

In other words, the pomegranate has a long history of being utterly irresistible.

That hasn’t changed in recent years, though now the fruit’s notoriety as mythic trouble-maker is being replaced by a reputation as a super food due to its abundance of antioxidants and vitamins.

What does pomegranate fruit puree add to beer?

Exotic appeal with little competition

The pomegranate’s Middle Eastern origins and storied role in mythology gives it an exotic appeal that’s hard to deny. However, pomegranate has yet to inundate the craft beer market as other fruit flavorings like pumpkin and citrus. That leaves a spacious opportunity gap for brewers who want to tap into a legendary ingredient that hasn’t yet been tapped out.


The pomegranate may not be the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but it definitely plays with polarities. Its tart bite is balanced by a molasses-rich sweetness. Its dark, dry earthiness is lightened by fruity aromatics. The dynamic flavor profile of the pomegranate pairs well with chocolate and apricot as well as rose water and vanilla. Pomegranate plays well with spicy German noble hops like Tettnanger, Saaz, and Hallertau.

Color and mouthfeel

Pomegranate’s sugars offer a dark, caramelized sweetness that is offset by the tart, mouthwatering acids associated with its high Vitamin C count. The fruit’s tannins give it a dry mouthfeel, and its dark red juices offer a ruby rich hue to brews that feel especially festive during the holiday season.

Purée Arête: the puree you can’t resist

At Purée Arête, we develop purees that capture the essence of a fruit, and our pomegranate fruit puree is no exception. Brewers who want to fill a flavor gap that American craft beer aficionados won’t be able to resist need look no farther. Our natural pomegranate puree is made from the highest-quality fruits for the highest-quality beers.

  • No sugar added.
  • Custom blends available.
  • All natural.

Contact us to learn more about our fruit puree and concentrates for brewers.

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