Classic American Concord Grape Fruit Purees

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The Concord grape is a plump, purple enigma. On the one hand, this earthy grape from the American Northeast is an instantly recognizable fruit flavoring for candies, jams, and sodas. On the other hand, Concord grapes are so intensely grape-flavored that some people assume it can’t be real. It’s too musky and rich and deep. That’s because Concord grapes are “fox grapes,” whereas most table grapes and wine grapes are European vinifera cultivars.

The foxiness of the Concord grape is what gives it its familiar flavor profile.

What does Concord grape puree add to beer?

Nostalgic familiarity

This robust American grape flavored the ice cold sodas of summers past and the popsicles, too. It was on the PB&J sandwiches that we associate with field trip picnics, and it even made its way into many churches, elbowing out Communion wine during the Prohibition Era and never giving up its spot. That lends the Concord grape a sort of halo effect that the right brewer could capitalize on

Opportunities for surprise

The Concord grape can yield a playful, tangy flavor to a sour fruit gose, hinting at the sugary sweet-tart grape soda of youth. Conversely, it can be paired with delicate florals, like rose or violet, in a complex fruit and field ale. Because the Concord grape is so familiar, it’s ripe for experimentation that could shake up the whole idea of what grape-flavored means.

Mouthfeel and color

Concord grapes can bring mouth-watering acidity as well as a rich, jammy funk. It can produce a silky mouthfeel or cause a pucker, depending on how you use it. The rich ruby red of Concord grapes can be used to add a pinkish hue to a pale ale or to deepen the glow of an amber. Like so many Americans, this is a berry that can multitask.

Purée Arête: classic American puree for flavorful beer

At Purée Arête, we develop purees that capture the essence of a fruit, and our Concord grape puree is no exception. Brewers who want to put a new spin on a beloved and highly versatile flavorful beer will find the perfect fruit addition in our natural Concord grape puree made from the highest-quality fruits.

  • No sugar added.
  • Custom blends.
  • All natural.

Contact us to learn more about our fruit purees and concentrates for brewers.

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